Rage for Lucy – protest (Solidarity Across Borders)

When: Saturday, 13 April 2019, 11am-3pm

Bus departure point: Metro Henri Bourassa

Join us in a protest outside the detention centre to express our rage at racist and colonial prisons used to cage Lucy and other friends and neighbours. Together, we will deliver a message of solidarity to people currently inside, and mark our outrage that the state is investing an additional 130$ million in its system to detain and deport migrants and their families.

POPIR Popular Education Committee: Homes, not Prisons!

When: January 15, 2018 17h-19h

Where: CEDA 2515 Delisle, salle accessible # a confirmer

Venez en apprendre davantage sur la nécessité de mener une lutte contre la construction de cette nouvelle prison! Nous partagerons des informations sur les projets du gouvernement ainsi que sur les moyens de lutter contre la construction de cette nouvelle prison.

Info-session on the government’s plan to build a new migrant prison in Laval and what is being done to oppose it (Solidarity Across Borders)

When: Saturday November 17, 2018 at 6pm
Where: L’Achoppe (1800 rue Letourneux)

Come learn about the necessity of building a struggle to fight the construction of this new prison from an anti-border, anti-prison perspective. We will share information about the government’s plan as well as ways to plug into the struggle to stop it.