Anticapitalist MayDay Post-Demonstration Press Release (CLAC)

May 1st was created out of workers’ struggles leaded by immigrants. The struggle took place on this continent more than a hundred years ago. Today, globalized imperialist capitalism created conditions which forces millions of people to leave their home in order to find a refuge to survive. These millions of people are place in situations of extreme vulnerability, creating a stateless and exploitable population. According to an article published in the Devoir today, the risk to suffer from workplace accident causing severe wounds or death is twice as high for foreign workers.

Migrant Prison: Nighttime Sabotage at Lemay Company Headquarters (MTL Counter-info)

We shut off access to the building by gluing all the locks, smashing the electronic sensors that permit access to the building by key cards, and u-locking door handles together at multiple entrances. The garage doors were blocked by a combination of spike strips and smoke bombs, which were rigged to go off if the garage doors opened. We assume that employees and company clients had a hard time accessing the building the next day, and hope they will continue to feel the effects of escalating actions against them and others involved in the project.

Rage for Lucy: Bring Her Back! No More Detentions and Deportations! (Solidarity Across Borders)

Idil from Solidarity Across Borders wrapped up with a powerful speech, beginning with Home by poet Warsan Shire, and concluding, “They can dress this project up as nicely as they want but those of us here see it for what it is and it is our responsibility to make sure we let as many others as we can know as well. It is our responsibility to push back against this project, to fight, and to ensure that it never sees the light of day.”

Doxxing the Canadian Border Services Agency (MTL Counter-info)

Like ICE in the United States, the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) operates a deportation force, tearing migrants away from their friends and loved ones on a daily basis in the name of a colonial nation-state’s rule of law. Though brutal and well organized, this immigration enforcement system is not a faceless machine. The agents who carry out its vital functions have names and addresses, which is what concerns us today. Well, their names at least.

Migrant Prison: Attacks on Lemay Condo Developments (MTL Counter-info)

On the night of March 19th, the sales office of Humaniti had its windows smashed and two Lowney towers were redecorated using paint-filled fire extinguishers. What do these condo developments have in common? They were both designed by the Lemay architecture firm, which is helping to build a new migrant prison in Laval, Quebec.

Updated Call! Deadline extended until April 1st

The government has announced that they are extending the bidding period until April 1, 2019. We hope this means that the companies have received many calls and are refusing to bid on the contract! Regardless, even a small delay of the construction calendar is welcome. We encourage people to keep calling until April 1st to make our message clear! See revised details below, including contact information for one additional company.

Migrant Prison: noise demo blocks site visit, and an update on implicated companies and the ongoing bidding period (MTL Counter-info)

Early in February, it became public that the bidding period for the General Contractor contract had opened for the project, and that there would be a site visit held on February 20th at 10am for all interested bidders. So, early in the morning on February 20th, a group of people gathered to take a bus out to the construction site in Laval.

Migrant Prison: Excavation Company Loiselle’s Offices Redecorated (MTL Counter-info)

Anonymous submission to MTL Counter-info

According to this article in a local Salaberry-de-Valleyfield newspaper from January 29th, the building facade of the excavation company Loiselle, located at 280 Pie-XII Boulevard in Saint-Timothée, was redecorated. The words “NO TO THE MIGRANT PRISON” can be read.