Dinner-Discussion: Stop the prison!

When: Thursday, 21 February 2019 at 6pm

Where: Centre des Femmes de Verdun, 4080 Wellington street, local 203

to get in touch: verdunlibre@gmail.com



Dinner-disscussion about the construction of a new prison for migrants in Montreal

Free dinner
Space accessible to people with restricted mobility
Children welcome!

The construction of a new prison for migrants in Laval is almost underway. The soil has been remediated and the next steps will be to pour the cement and build the foundations. At the same time, the federal government has announced in the last months that it plans to increase the number of deportations by 30% this year and the CAQ government continues to promote and put in place anti-immigrant and Islamophobic policies, fanning the flames of extreme right racism.

These are issues that affect our neighbourrhood of Verdun: migrants and refugees in the neighbhourhood who are at risk of detention and all other Verduners who are affected by austerity measures (we can ask why billions of dollars are being poured into a new prison at the same time that social services are being cut).

We are members of the neighbourhood who oppose the construction of this prison, the imprisonment of migrants and refugees, as well as all prisons, and we want to discuss these issues with our neighbours.

A light dinner and presentation followed by a discussion on how to opose the project.