National Insecurity: The RCMP Knocks on Doors in Montreal (MTL Counter-info)

The week of October 28th saw the first clear signs of this escalation in repressive resources, as a small number of long-time activists received house visits and phone calls from RCMP officers on the island of Montreal. The officers belong to an INSET (Integrated National Security Enforcement Team), the unit that has coordinated security for summits like the G7 and investigated other instances of what they call “violent extremism”. Each INSET is made up of RCMP officers, CSIS agents, and members of local police forces, as well as members of CBSA and Citizenship and Immigration Canada

Attack on vehicles parked at home of president of DPL, subcontractor involved in the construction of the new migrant prison (MTL Counter-info)

Early one snowy November morning, we visited the office of DPL, the company subcontracted to put in place the concrete formwork for the new migrant prison in Laval. We are lucky: the headquarters of DPL (situated at 370 rang Rivière Bayonne Nord in Berthierville) is also the home of Pierre-Luc Désy, president of DPL, his wife Christiane Désy, who is DPL’s administrative staff, and their children.

Responsibility Claim for an Incendiary Attack Against Migrant Prison Construction Company (MTL Counter-info)

By accepting to be the general contractor for the new Laval migrant detention center, Tisseur Inc. made a grave mistake. On the night of October 26th we decided to make our contribution to the struggle against the system of borders and prisons in all its forms. We set fire to a truck on the banks of the Lachine Canal, on the site of another Tisseur project. We’re not done.

2019 Day of Action Against Migrant Detention (Solidarity Across Borders)

On October 3rd, actions took place in Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Halifax, Sherbrooke, London, and Vancouver to oppose Canada’s ongoing practice of migrant detention. This day of action represents a broadening of the two-year struggle against the new Laval migrant prison & is part of growing resistance to migrant detention across the country. Here are some photos of the actions that took place!

Why Stantec and the Guy-Favreau Complex got targeted at the climate march and why the climate movement should fight the border regime (MTL Counter-info)

…It is for these reasons and more that Stantec and the Guy-Favreau Complex were targeted by people participating in the climate march. The buildings were hit with green paintbombs and spraypainted with “Bienvenue aux migrants” (Welcome migrants). In the Guy-Favreau Complex, the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada holds detention review hearings daily, often resulting in the prolongation of a migrant’s imprisonment. Stantec is an engineering consulting firm involved in the construction of the new migrant prison in Laval.

How to find and take action against border infrastructure anywhere in Canada (MTL Counter-info)

In the spirit of spreading all forms of resistance to Canada’s border and prison regimes we’ve brainstormed a list of (just some of) the ways people might contribute to this fight.

Border and detention infrastructure can be found in most cities in Canada. Read on for some ways to identify it in your context (and a few ideas for what to do with that info).

3 oct. Caravan and Noise Demo against the New Migrant Prison in Laval (Solidarity Across Borders)

Join us on October 3rd for a family-friendly, festive noise demonstration in Laval against the new prison for migrants!

Starting outside CBSA offices, a caravan will be traveling around Montreal and stopping in different neighbourhoods (Saint-Henri, Cote des Neiges, Parc Ex, and Montreal North) all afternoon, building toward a noise demonstration in Laval at 4:30pm.