A large design, consulting, and engineering firm, Stantec, is deeply implicated in consultant work for multiple aspects of the prison project. The company has agreed to consult on electrical, fire alarm and fire protection, telecommunication, mechanical, structure, and civil engineering. Stantec engineers working on this project include Alexandre Manseau-Nguyen, Bruno Lehoux, Jonathan Hallee, Louis-Stephane Racicot, Alexandre Jean, Michel Gendron, Patrick Bourgeois, and Michel Charron. Among many locations worldwide, Stantec has offices in most major Canadian cities, including Montreal, Longueuil, Laval, Hamilton, Ottawa, Toronto, Guelph, London, and Vancouver.

Stantec has multiple offices in most cities in Canada, and others around the world. Visit their website to find one nearby.

Who is working on the prison at Stantec?

Louis-Stéphane Racicot

Ingénieur principal, Mécanique

(514) 281-1033 x1570

Bureau: Longueuil, QC

Alexandre Manseau-Nguyen

Bruno Lehoux

Jonathan Hallee

Alexandre Jean


(514) 281-1033 x1207

Office: Longueuil, QC

Michel Gendron

(514) 281-1033 X2614

Office: Longueuil, QC

Patrick Bourgeois

(514) 281-1033 X2305

Office: Longueuil, QC

Michel Charron