Responsibility Claim for an Incendiary Attack Against Migrant Prison Construction Company (MTL Counter-info)

By accepting to be the general contractor for the new Laval migrant detention center, Tisseur Inc. made a grave mistake. On the night of October 26th we decided to make our contribution to the struggle against the system of borders and prisons in all its forms. We set fire to a truck on the banks of the Lachine Canal, on the site of another Tisseur project. We’re not done.

Tisseur turns to Courts in Bid to Silence Critics of New Migrant Prison (Solidarity Across Borders)

The Superior Court of Quebec has granted Construction Tisseur Inc. a legal injunction against the migrant justice network Solidarity Across Borders. Tisseur was awarded the federal contract to build the new migrant prison in Laval in June. The temporary injunction was sought in response to a festive information-picket, featuring live Klezmer music, outside Tisseur’s headquarters in Val-David last Thursday.

Tisseur Protest Kicks off Fall of Action against New Migrant Prison in Laval (Solidarity Across Borders)

Over 70 people gathered in front of Tisseur’s offices for the first of a series of actions determined to expose the violence of Canada’s system of detention. The festive action featured live klezmer music and speakers from multiple organizations opposed to the new prison.

General Contractor Announced: Take Action against the New Migrant Prison (Solidarity Across Borders)

The press conference aimed to send a clear message to Yannick Tisseur, president of Construction Tisseur: this is not a neutral project. By accepting this contract, you are taking sides, helping to deprive people of their freedom and safety. You are positioning yourself on the side of a violent system of global apartheid based on wealth and privilege.

Tisseur Inc. Awarded GC Contract to Build Migrant Prison (MTL Counter-info)

The CBSA quietly awarded the GC contract to a company based in Val David called Tisseur Inc. Tisseur is a construction company with a history of building schools and bridges, and at $50 million, this is by far the biggest contract they have received to date. They have already posted over a dozen job listings online since signing this contract.