The Companies


An architecture firm with headquarters located in the Montreal neighbourhood of St-Henri. Lemay prides itself on “environmentally sustainable” buildings and projects that create “tangible and measurable value for our clients, users and communities.” We say there’s nothing sustainable about a world that locks people in cages, and no way that building a migrant prison can create anything but pain and destruction for those locked inside and their communities

Groupe A

An architecture and urban design firm based in Québec City, Groupe A (and its subsidiary, Annexe U) prides itself on “participative design” and the construction of LEED-certified buildings. The firm is no stranger to designing detention centres: they are responsible for the design of several courthouses and the new LEED-certified Sept-Îles detention centre, which opened in 2016. The firm boasts that its prison design centers “human-scale residences” [d’unités de vie à échelle humaine], but any firm which proudly specializes in carceral architecture is a collaborator in the violent system of imprisonment and incarceration.